Tuesday, February 1, 2011

NHL All-Star Revamp

Watching the All-Star weekend ensue in Raleigh this past weekend, I got some great ideas for how to hold them in the future.

- Each team sends 6 players, minimum. 3 forwards, 2 defenceman, and a keeper. These players will be the fantasy draft stock list.
- Using the above list, continue to select players using existing system (1 from each team, same number of each position, etc.) This makes being an All-Star an actual boon, and not being chosen more of a sleight.
- Additional players should be encouraged to attend, for rookie/sophomore games, skill competitions and such. Injured stars should also attend, unless detrimental to their injury. Coaches, GM's, mascots, refs, linesmen, media, sponsors, everyone.
- Style the entire weekend as a sort of Comic-con. Have events all over the city, and allow the players interaction time with the people. GM meetings, coach clinics, ball hockey tourneys and NO to the idea of having the trade deadline then.
- For the game, have sponsors up the ante by betting each other, proceeds to charity. Eliminate all hitting from the game, and watch a nice flashy hockey game that means something! Either that or have the Winter/Heritage Classic at this event.

Share your thoughts below!

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