Friday, March 2, 2012

Talkin' Leafs

I love having conversations about hockey, and more so about the Leafs. I spent the better part of an hour today in a series of consistently work-interrupted conversations with four of my colleagues today, and heard a number of surprising suggestions for this club. Given the state of the team and the position they're in, I figured I'd share some of them with you. Just some regular Leaf fans who've logged hours in rinks over the years, shooting from the hip.

- Consensus is that Wilson has to go, obviously. Most don't think he'll go before the end of the year, owing to Burke's loyalty, but also no need to make a hasty decision on a replacement and botch it. There may also be a greater selection available post-season.

- More blame for Allaire than for the keepers. They feel that Reimer is still not 100% after his injury, due to either lack of conditioning or that his sharpness has not fully returned. They like Gustavsson, and feel that he is being asked to stray too far from the style of play which got him where he is. We had a slight majority voting to ride him the rest of the year, to determine if re-signing him is worth it. A couple of us, self included, believe that the minute he is signed to another team, like Detroit or the Rangers, he will blossom into something great.

- Included in that argument is that a goalie takes quite a bit longer to develop into NHL reliability, and that most seem to play their best hockey in their 30's. We all agreed that having a veteran alongside a young keeper is ideal in every situation.

- Strong endorsement for Luke Schenn. All of them feel that he is caught in a system which exposes him and the goalies rather than work to their advantage. Each balked at the notion of moving him. One believes Schenn/Gardiner are the top pairing for the next decade. 

-Likewise obviously for Gardiner, but also Phaneuf and Gunnarson. Franson is also well liked, but it remains to see if the system will let him play his proper side and get comfortable in this lineup. Komisarek had a couple fans too, but the majority feel this isn't the right place for him, and all think he's overpaid. Unanimity as to why Liles was re-signed rather than moved for futures at the deadline.

- Brown and Steckel get full marks for their roles. A couple feel that Crabb does too. I've always felt that while we continue to ice Crabb, we will never emerge as contenders. I love his work ethic and he is good at what he does. The problem, for me, is that his skill set is quite limited and I think you can find a better player to fill his spot while remaining on budget. I'd love to be proven wrong, because we already have him and he's already affordable.

- Connolly is seen as a lazy floater! No dig, no hustle, no effort. I never thought he was the answer long-term, but I also don't think he's effective on the energy line. Skill of that ilk belongs on the top line with your playmakers and snipers. I was outnumbered, most want to move him immediately and allow kids to come up and show their goods.

- Lombardi gathered little conversation. Most don't know enough about him, but knew enough to complain about his salary. They did understand that he was the cost of acquiring Franson and moving Lebda, and agreed with the move completely when I mentioned it. I feel like he could be a solid 3C, even a 2, when he has a regular summer regimen and training camp under him. There is a reason Poile signed him in the first place, and he's a pretty savvy GM, all Kostitsyn's aside. If I recall correctly, he was being touted as a potential 1C at the time, coming into FA from the Flames.

- That issue led to a great conversation about the 2C slot. Most of my colleagues felt that, since Connolly was such "garbage," we had a collection of 2C's, and this is where moves should be made to unload players.  Bozak is not a 1C and is ideal for the 3C, either him or Lombardi, with Grabbo and Lombardi eyed at 2. But there was desire to also see Colborne take the 2C.

- The most interesting thing I heard today was about Kulemin. 2 thought to move him, 1 thought he was a career 3rd liner. I want to keep him exactly where he is, because this season cannot be a real indicator of who he is. But one guy, and I generally view his opinion very highly, suggested that he was a center. He said "He's fast, he's strong, he's hard to take off the puck, he's got a two-way game, good vision, and if he's off the boards he can cover the slot. He's even being used on more and more faceoffs and he's pretty good there." He suggested that he be put on the Kessel/Lupul line and be given a shot, since there was nothing to lose at this point in the season. Another said they wanted him on the boards, because we really don't have a lot of players willing to go into the corners, and while I do agree with that, I must admit I am intrigued by Kulemin. Maybe what he really needs is a challenge, a variation from routine. He's always shown immaculate work ethic, maybe he is capable. I don't really know. If he is, and it worked, would it ever answer a pressing need without exacting a heavy asset toll.

- Small debate on the futures of Mac and Lupul. Lupul will be 29 next year, Mac 27 in little over a month. Generally, player point production declines at 27. and Lupul, while posessing greater talent, is also more reliant on scoring, whereas Mac is seen to have a more complete skill set. Since both are under contracts expiring next season, the desire is to let them play in contract years and reap the benefits of that added pressure, then make those decisions at the deadline. It's a very good point.

- Lastly, we all agree that Burke has done far more good than harm, and that he stays for a while, but that he will deny us the opportunity to fire him at any juncture. It's believed in these parts that he'll resign the GM post and remain President, passing the torch to Nonis.

Anything you'd like to add to the conversation?

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